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Commercial Property

Whether it’s buying, refinancing, releasing equity or facilitating a bridging solution to acquire commercial and industrial property, we have over 40 specialist lenders we work with to obtain the best outcome for your specific needs. Our consultative approach ensures we identify and secure the most relevant product to achieve your outcomes. From private equity to top tier banks, from pref-equity to mezzanine finance, we have all bases covered. We also have a range of no doc options that can be leveraged within days.

Our consultative approach ensures we identify and secure the most relevant product to achieve your outcomes.

Construction Funding

We specialise in a range of innovative and flexible funding solutions. We have a strong partnering approach with builders, developers and are industry leaders in facilitating construction and development finance. Working losely with all stakeholders our consultative and efficient approach to project reviews, allows us to present best in market solutions for your project.

We can assist with the Feaso and QS process as well as sales and residual stock solutions. We also work across a range of distribution channels, should you also need assistance in attaining pre-sales. Our ability to work across each phase of a project distinguishes us from the rest of the market.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to qualify for constructing funding?

We cater for a range of project types. From small projects and subdivisions to multi unit dwellings and infrastructure project. Each project is unique in its requirements. Funding solutions range from acquiring the site or land banking to just financing the construction costs.

Lenders take security over the location, so we start by working with you in understanding the value of the current location and it’s future value. 

We then move to understand the vision for the project, the demand for the product being built and then the most important aspect of construction lending, the “EXIT”. When we assess the project on a case by case basis, we’ll then work with you on a tailored solution that works within your budget.

What type of construction projects do you finance?

We finance everything from industrial, multi-unit dwellings, townhouses, duplex, house and land to sub-divisions and infrastructure. We cater for the range of project types. The best way to understand if you qualify for assistance is to have a no obligation discussion with a Finstead Professional.

Do you refinance existing projects or partially built projects?

Yes, we do. It’s a very common scenario where a project could be delayed or a pre-existing loan can come to term. There are many reasonably priced solutions available where lenders will consider the merits of the final product and refinance the project for a short term.

Do you work with equity as well as debt solutions?

Yes, we do. Often it’s hard to solve a capital problem through a single solution type. We work across debt, equity and mezzanine solutions to achieve the desired outcome.

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