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Business Loans

The number one challenge for most Australian businesses is a lack of capital to grow or to take advantage of new opportunities. We will support your businesses growth needs with a range of unsecured loan products for any purpose.

Business loans come in all shapes and sizes with a plethora of products on offer. The purpose, speed and term of the loan will dictate the appropriate product for your business’s specific needs. Commercial loans can carry terms commensurate with some mortgage products or can be secured on a revolving line basis. We will assist you with forming a considered and well researched position before you commit.

In this fast-growing market segment, our expertise assists you to navigate the complexity and uncertainty surrounding the procurement of funds to support your business’s growth

Business Acquisitions

Acquiring a business can be a defining, yet stressful event in the life of a business owner. It takes a strong understanding of the business planning process, equity in the business and the role that finance can play in the acquisition. 

There are a range of strategies that can be leveraged to acquire a business. From using property as security, the balance sheet of your current business or even vendor finance, leveraging the balance sheet of the business to be acquired. 

You’ll need a reliable partner, with a strong understanding of business models, the valuation process and a range of well priced solutions. With over 100 years of combined experience. Finstead Professionals can help you to navigate the purchase and save you time and money.

Refinancing and Debt Consolidation

A simple financial health check from a Finstead Professional could provide you with a way to easily consolidate the debt and reduce the amount of interest expense that your business pays. Consolidating payments into one facility can improve cash flow management overnight. Freeing you up to focus on growing the business.

Often businesses make decisions to take out a number of loans at different moments over the life of a business, for a range of purposes over different terms. These loans can at times be a load or millstone, holding the business back from growth.

Working Capital

Unlike other business finance products, working capital loans can be used for many different purposes or combinations of expenses. From buying supplies, paying wages or any other general business expenses. We offer innovative finance solutions that empowers you to take control of your accounts payable and accounts receivable or leverage future revenue, so you can achieve your cash flow and working capital goals

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you work with Supply Chain Solutions?

Yes, we do. Supply chain financing solutions such as Trade Finance are ideal to help you leverage your supplier relationships and payment terms.  We have the latest solutions from bank and non bank lenders, with over 36 solutions.However, there are products purpose made for specific working capital outcomes and with a range of flexible attributes. To help you navigate some options and understand what would be suitable for today’s and tomorrow’s needs, just contact an experienced Finstead Professional. ​

Can you help with paying suppliers?

Whether it’s to pay deposits to suppliers, improving your supplier terms, right the way through to accelerating when your invoices get paid. The range of supply chain finance solutions can be confusing due to the different pricing models and terms.. A simple call, can demystify the range of options available

How can I unlock the cash in my account receivables?

If you're looking to unlock your cash flow and working capital to take advantage of business opportunities, Finstead Professionals have a complete panel of products to unlock the value in your accounts receivables. Some partners can take up to 120 days to pay you. We can select from a range of solutions which take partial security over the outstanding invoices. 

How quickly can I receive the funds in my account?

Attaining a working capital is a relatively fast process due to our experience and technology. We need access to your bank statements for a quick servicing exercise and assuming we can attain the information required to facilitate the application from you and your accountant. It can be as quick as two hours.

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