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Automotive Finance

When purchasing a new or used vehicle such as a car, a ute, a van or a truck and trailer, we can help get you on the road without delay or frustration. We consider every part of the transaction by understanding your cash-flow requirements, business structure and future growth plans.

Working with us to obtain finance approval before you finalise the purchase means you can control the buying process with greater clarity and confidence. We can even assist in the procurement of the vehicle, saving you time and money every step of the way.

As your partner, we take the time to understand your businesses needs, providing you with a single point of contact and responsive service.

Commercial Vehicles

We can get you approved in a matter of hours, regardless of the vehicle type, size or purpose. Throughout our extensive network of dealer partners, we may even be able to help you source the best priced vehicle, finance it and then insure it. You have a single point of contact, with a personalised service, that will save you time and money.

Consumer Vehicles

At times, you and your family will need to upgrade or purchase an additional vehicle for your family needs. We can assist with the sourcing, financing and insuring your vehicle. A single and personalised point of contact to save time and the fuss.

Solutions beyond Dealer Finance

Many customers are not sure whether to engage a dealership for finance directly. We recommend that customers always seek an independent opinion beyond their dealership of choice. In order to ensure that they’re getting the best possible solution and not limited to a small number of options available at the dealership. We work across a much broader panel of lenders than dealerships and we are independent. It doesn’t hurt to do your research and attain a second opinion before completing your purchase.

Fast and Efficient

Working with Finstead will ensure that you save time and money. We are in a unique position that we deal with automotive finance every day. Supported by one of Australia’s most experienced teams. Many of our customers have to move quickly to purchase their vehicles and whether it’s a car for the family or a vehicle for the business, we understand that you may be up against other buyers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to qualify for automotive finance?

Demonstrate a good credit history. For this, we need your permission to run a credit check with one of Australia’s credit bureaus.

  • If it’s automotive finance for personal use. We need your driver’s license or another form of identification.
  • If it’s for business, we need your business name, address and company ABN or ACN 
  • Prove that you are an Australian resident or have an appropriate VISA
  • Automotive Vehicles for personal use, will require at least your payslips or individual tax returns to demonstrate your ability to service the loan.
  • If for business use, you must be able to provide evidence of income such as Financial Statements, BAS and/or bank statements.

Do I require a deposit or contribution to the purchase to qualify for finance?

The short answer is that it really depends on the financial performance of the business or your personal amount of gearing. How long the business has been running, your credit profile and the type and age of the vehicle that you are seeking to purchase.

Does the type of vehicle matter?

Yes, it does but only as far as the type of solution we source for you. Important considerations are the type of vehicle, the age of the vehicle, whether it’s being purchased from a private seller or a dealership. Performance vehicles can often require a greater degree of assessment due to the perceived higher risk. We carry a full range of solutions to cover all vehicle types and their respective ages.

Should I get a Pre-Approval?

We always recommend attaining a preapproval to ensure that you can shop with peace of mind. Having a preapproval in place allows you to know your budget in advance and place a deposit trusting that you have the available funds to complete the transaction.

How fast can I get an approval?

With all of the correct information available to the Finstead Profession, we can arrange a preapproval in a matter of hours. The consultation can take up to 15 minutes and then we immediately engage the lenders to workshop the best possible product, rate and term.

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