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Asset Finance

Having access to the right assets in your business is critical to deliver quality outcomes for your customers. Whether it be plant, equipment, vehicles or machinery, we have the products to support your purchase.

Purchasing assets outright can be problematic when relying on cash flow and is not always tax effective. We work with you and your accountant where appropriate to tailor the right outcome for your business’s specific needs. We maintain a close working relationship throughout the life of the loan, supporting your businesses growth and ongoing funding requirements.

We are independent of the banks, deliver tailored finance strategies, and are supported by one Australia’s most experienced team of finance professionals with access to over 100 different products.

Plant And Equipment Finance

Plant and Equipment finance is another form of Asset Finance. The loan can be quite specific to the type of asset and its impact on the business. It requires a strong understanding of the value and purpose of the asset, the strength of the secondary market and related costs such as installation and maintenance. Leveraging our strong insights into how to structure the transaction, will speed up the process and match you with the best solution in the market.

Construction and Earthmoving Finance

We do all of the heavy lifting when it comes to financing construction and earthmoving equipment. With a range of low doc solutions and the ability to package solutions with working capital. We can solve a range of challenges for builders.

Farm Machinery Finance

The availability of structured finance is critical to many agri-businesses. As an experienced partner that understands agri and regional businesses we provide you with a single point of contact, with tailored solutions. We understand the cyclical nature of regional business and how hard it is to be heard, speak to an experienced Finstead Professional for a refreshing experience.

Commercial Marine Finance

We understand the unique demands and characteristics of the marine industry. Our finance team has extensive experience in the sector, working with marinas and vendors, and by taking the time to understand the role the craft will play in your business. We can offer a range of funding solutions tailored to your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the fundamental requirements to qualify for Asset Finance?

Demonstrate a good credit history. For this, we need your permission to run a credit check with one of Australia’s credit bureaus.

  • Provide your business name, address and company ABN or ACN
  • Prove that you are an Australian resident or have an appropriate VISA
  • Be able to provide evidence of income such as Financial Statements, BAS and/or bank statements.
  • Finance is available to Australian-based Sole Traders, Private Companies, Partnerships, and Public Companies

Do I qualify for finance if I’m a start-up business?

Yes, you may qualify for asset finance even if you have just started your business. However, you may require a larger deposit or be willing to pay a higher interest rate. 

What are the different product options?

All of the major banks provide asset finance solutions, however every lender has their own unique appetite for the type of client they will lend to. We operate with a broad panel of lenders and have made it easy to narrow down the option that best suits your needs. We are independent of lenders, and after a quick assessment of your needs, we will present the best suited solution.

Do I need to own a home to qualify for asset finance?

Not necessarily. Lenders will take into consideration a range of variables that speak to your credit worthiness. Many will understand that your balance sheet is not just defined by your family home.

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